Our graphic designers are responsible for creating flyers, posters, digital displays, social media assets, and so much more.  The design team is a group of highly talented Rutgers students and professionals who work in individual and collaborative capacities, focused not only on creating high-quality designs for our clients, but also increasing their conceptual and technical design skills.

Graphic Design Internship

Student interns focusing on graphic design work to develop their technical skills in the Adobe Creative Suite, focusing on the use and integration of Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, while also honing their ability to conceptualize, translate, and present information. Our students learn about branding while working within multiple identity systems, and will implement this knowledge while also learning about both internal and external print production. Our students will also gain experience adapting and developing designs for web, video, and other forms of digital delivery through collaboration with photographers, videographers, and web developers on various full marketing campaigns. Through this opportunity, our students will leave with a professional portfolio and the experience they need to be completive in the job market.