The Rutgers Media Team Internship Program is dedicated to ensuring that students receive a worthwhile experience by working and learning in a fast-paced, creative, and demanding environment. Students in our program will work side by side with professionals in the areas of graphic design, video, photography, social media, marketing, and web development. In addition to developing their technical proficiencies, we strive to assist our students in building their problem-solving and organizational skills, while also stressing the importance of teamwork and interpersonal relationships. Through this opportunity, our students will leave with a professional portfolio and the experience they need to be competitive in the job market.

Graphic Designers and Illustrators

Students focusing on graphic design work to develop their technical skills in the Adobe Creative Suite, focusing on the use and integration of Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, while also honing their ability to conceptualize, translate, and present information. Our students learn about branding while working within multiple identity systems, and will implement this knowledge while also learning about both internal and external print production. Our students will also gain experience adapting and developing designs for web, video, and other forms of digital delivery through collaboration with photographers, videographers, and web developers on various full marketing campaigns.

Photographers and Photojournalists

Our photography students will learn about the usage of both point-and-shoot and DSLR cameras, as well as learning about different lens properties and lighting. Photo journalist interns will be responsible for creating photo projects that tell the story of student affairs. These pieces will be hosted on the student affairs website and social media accounts. Photo journalist interns will also be responsible for taking pictures at departmental events and programs. This person must be a self-starter, excited about photography, and interested in thinking about photography as a way to engage in creative storytelling. 

Filmmakers, Documentarians, and Camerapeople

Students focused on video will work on filming a diverse range of events and improving their editing skills using the Adobe Creative Suite. These students will also learn how and when to use different cameras, including dedicated video cameras, point of view cameras, and DSLRs. In addition, our students will gain experience formatting video for different distribution methods such as YouTube, online embedding, digital displays and social media. They will also have the opportunity to practice working with lighting equipment and backdrops. In addition, video students will gain valuable experience filming interviews, event clips, and b-roll while producing segments for the and student affairs website and social media channels.

Social Media Managers

Social media interns will be responsible for managing, analyzing, and reporting on the student affairs social media accounts. Social media interns will help organize monthly posting schedules, respond to questions, and work with content creation, video, photo and design interns to increase traffic and engagement to the accounts. This person should be a self-starter and excited about following trends in social media and delving into analytics.

Journalists, Writers, and Content Creators

Content creators and writers will be responsible for written content for the student affairs website and social media accounts. This written content will vary and include everything from blog posts and feature stories to social media captions and video scripts. This person will work with the social media, video, photo, and design interns to develop engaging content to increase the success of our social media accounts and support initiatives and campaigns produced by our larger editorial team. This person should be a self-starter with a passion for storytelling. 

Web Design and Development

Students focused on web design will work in and expand their knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, UI/UX design, Content Management Systems and more. These students will enhance their understanding of the current best practices and trends in the field of website design and development. They will have opportunities to work alone and in collaboration with the Graphic Designers, Social Media Writers, Photographers, Videographers and other Web designers to gain that real world experience of what it may be like to work in a marketing firm, digital firm, media studio or similar role.


Desirable Skills

  • Basic understanding of HTML and CSS
  • Basic understanding of Photoshop or Illustrator
  • Basic understanding of Website layouts


A Plus to Have

  • Knowledge of WordPress or any other Content Management System
  • Javascript skills
  • Knowledge of Git, Github or similar Version Control System
  • PHP skills
  • Browser Dev Tools (Inspector, Responsive Design Mode, HTML/CSS editing)
  • Mac OS knowledge


*Having very little to no knowledge of these skills will not be a deciding factor during the internship hiring process. We strongly encourage all interested students to apply.

Application is currently closed at this time.

Marketing/Communications Associate

The position would support either the Student Affairs Central Marketing Office or the Student Centers and Activities Marketing office in a variety of functions including the development of marketing campaigns, social media content, outreach marketing, website content management, data analysis, photography event coverage and other communication vehicles.

The student will assist in the development and execution of marketing plans for student engagement initiatives, assist with event advertisement, recruitment, general promotion, brand awareness and more. A successful candidate would be attentive to details and assignment guidelines/expectations, and have the ability to multi-task and manage time effectively.

Knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite and/or Cloud, video editing software, or photography is a plus.