Our web development team is responsible for the creation, design, development and maintenance of Student Affairs affiliated websites. The team is a group of highly talented Rutgers Students that work under both an individual and collaborative environment, while also learning and discovering more about the broad range of the web development world on a day to day basis. Does your Student Affairs department need a web presence or need assistance? Our team takes interns and specified requests that can be filled in a request form.

Web Design and Development Internship

Students focused on web design will work in and expand their knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, UI/UX design, Content Management Systems and more. These students will enhance their understanding of the current best practices and trends in the field of website design and development. They will have opportunities to work alone and in collaboration with the Graphic Designers, Social Media Writers, Photographers, Videographers and other Web designers to gain that real world experience of what it may be like to work in a marketing firm, digital firm, media studio or similar role.